Vampire Facial

Located in Vancouver, WA, Dr. Stebbing has been trained to microneedle with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that enhances its penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.

About Vampire Facial

The use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) is very versatile. Dr Stebbing combines her expertise in understanding the value that platelets have in healing to encouraging revitalization of the skin in a procedure known as the Vampire Facial. 

How Does the Vampire Work?

The microneedling device has small needles that penetrate through the skin.  The platelet rich plasma is effectively injected in the skin, which stimulates a wound healing environment. Growth factors are release in the dermal layer of the skin which encourages new blood vessel formation, the removal of dead or injured tissue, eventually replacing it with collagen. 

Are there any side effects?

Unlike HA, the PRP does not distort the skin or face or get into blood supply.  It gets absorbed by the skin. Bruising of the skin can occur.

What benefits does PRP offer?

It is used to treat fine lines and reduce the deeper folds that develop with aging and sun damage. PRP can be used to treat scars, sometimes completely eliminating pox marks, acne and steroid-related atrophy.

How long does it take to see benefits?

Results can be seen as early as 2 days.  Most people can see a benefit by 2 weeks.  The collagen continues to grow over the next 2 months after the treatment. Typically a series of 3 is recommended.

What do I need to do after the treatment?

Avoid exercise for the remainder of the day.  Avoid any inverted position, such as yoga or massaged.

What type of skin care is needed after the treatment?

Atlar skin care is a product that was developed to be used after the Vampire Facial. 

How much does it cost?


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