Trigger Point Injections

Informative video on Trigger Points

Trigger Point Injections

Myofascial trigger points with their referral patterns were first identified and discussed by Dr Janet Travell. and Dr David Simons, who wrote Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction. The Trigger Point Manual. This textbook is still the reference for trigger point pain patterns. Trigger Points resulting from muscular injury and/or overuse – can cause extreme pain and/or dysfunction. When a muscle is fatigued and overworked, overloaded, or receives a direct blow, a localized contraction of the smallest muscle unit occurs, interfering with blood supply to the area. This contraction produces a sensitized bump (not visible on the surface of the skin). The muscle tissue on either side of the bump lengthens, causes it to feel like a cord. Irritation to the muscle fiber causes an aching pain that is difficult to localize. Other associated symptoms include sensitivity to touch, numbness, pins and needles, muscle weakness, fatigue, sleep issues, and problems with balance. 

Compression of the bump or nodule, or stretching of the muscle, reproduces the pain or causes the pain to be felt elsewhere in the body.

The goal of treatment is to release the muscle contraction, evidenced by a twitch response. Trigger points can be treated in a number of ways including direct compression, massage, spray and stretch techniques, and localized injections. Dr. Stebbing uses her hands, acupuncture needles and standard needles to release trigger points.

In addition to injury and overuse, trigger points can be the result of ill-fitting shoes, postural abnormalities and ligamentous instability. Causes of trigger points are explored with each patient. Treatment with arch supports, exercises, or prolotherapy is recommended to avoid re-triggering of the affected muscles.



An example of referral patterns of the QL as discussed in Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction.


If you want a quick fix, go here.But beware....

After my second child I journeyed through the entire NH Seacoast of doctors trying to find out what was wrong with me. As an athlete it seemed nothing worked properly anymore. Some doctors treated me symptomatically and others just sent me away concluding that nothing was wrong with me. Finally my PC suggested Dr. Stebbing. I can't remember what reason she gave me for specifically going to see her, but I made an appointment.

During my first appointment Dr. Stebbing listened and typed, which most people (doctors especially) cannot achieve at the same time. After a couple of hours together Dr. Stebbing and I had a plan. Together we made a plan. I hypothesized as much as she did in that first meeting. At my second appointment Dr. Stebbing performed dry needling on my glute and SI areas. It was incredible relief.

Dr. Stebbing often remarked at my ability to communicate the nuances of my own muscles. She respected that I knew my body the very best of anyone and that she was there as a partner to help me. She displays very little ego, which helps her be a superb doctor, not just a smart one.

We had many appointments together over the past five years. Since breaking my coccyx during childbirth, Dr. Stebbing helped improve the functionality in my hips. More importantly Dr. Stebbing gave me the time to process my thoughts regarding my body, which in turn helped me heal mentally from the dramatic changes after childbirth.

So if you are looking for a quick fix, see Dr. Stebbing. But beware, because she may be the catalyst that unearths a powerful force in your own wellness journey. And you may even make a friend along the way.




When I was suffering from back spasms, Dr Stebbing was recommended to me by a friend, as skilled and compassionate practioner.  I had no idea she would propose sticking long needles into the muscles of my back in very close proximity to my lungs.  As I was desperate for relief, I agreed, after I was reassured by her through explanation of the procedure, using ultrasound to track the needle position.  Dr Stebbing has performed Trigger Point injections on me several times with good results and relief of pain and every single time I arose from the table with lungs intact and still breathing- a testament to her skill!


Trigger Point injections used in conjunction to labs, medications and osteopathic manipulation to aid the treatment of pain-mind, body and spirit.

Treatment of multiple injuries with a combination of trigger point release and osteopathic manipulation. Pain treated without any medications.