Over the years, patients have provided me with their unique experiences after being treated. The benefit of any of procedures is as individual as the person themselves.

Spinal Injuries & Back Pain

I felt very fortunate for most of my life that I did not have back pain. An alternative therapy was helpful in releasing energy blockages and in maintaining comfort. However, after an accident, my life changed dramatically. My sandal caught on repair work done to a step and after many attempts to dislodge my foot, I flew through the air and landed face down on a hard surface. Fortunately, my hip did not break but my lower back to the right of my spine developed excruciating pain which effected my ability to walk and my ability to have a good night’s sleep. Over a period of time, a variety of healing therapies were very helpful, and I am appreciative of all the treatments.

However, after several toe surgeries, my back felt even more strained as I propelled myself around on one foot. I found a wonderful osteopath a distance from my home who was recommended by friends. The manipulations helped a lot, but my body wasn’t holding them. I eventually found I also needed a hip replacement. Distance and her schedule necessitated that I look for an osteopath nearer to home.

My nurse practioner recommended Dr Stebbing. I assumed I would just go for manipulations. However, the pain in my back had reached a point where manipulations were not enough. I was having difficulty walking. I was no longer able to enjoy the active life I loved, let alone walk in my home without severe pain. Dr Stebbing strongly encouraged me to try prolotherapy to alleviate the pain and in preparation for a successful recovery after my hip replacement. I eventually decided to try this therapy and am so happy that I did.

I went to her office several times with the intent of having prolotherapy and then, backed down. It took a lot of courage and trust on my part to try a treatment about which I had limited familiarity and knew no one who had experience with it. Finally, my desire for good health became stronger than my willingness to live with pain and I went through the first of three treatments. There was great deal of discomfort during the process, but I kept focusing on my breathing and the outcome I desired. As recommended, I rested for a few days after each treatment. When I finally completed three treatments, I noticed my pain had lessened and eventually had disappeared!

Since then, I have had my hip replacement. I am recovering well from surgery. I continue to use the other healing therapies I found so helpful. I look forward to more years of the active life I have always enjoyed. I am very grateful to Dr Stebbing for having the desire and sill to help me live a pain free life. My body became transformed into a stronger, healthier self without surgery. I feel like my younger self who always appreciated my good fortune. My appreciation for a well-functioning body is stronger now that I have left behind severe pain for comfort.
– Margaret

Dr. Stebbing gave me my life back. I had back surgery in 2020 after a nasty lifting injury. It helped, but I was still in a lot of pain afterward. I saw the best spine doctors around, and they could not tell me why. I failed 10 months of weekly PT. If anything, they made things worse. Dr. Stebbing correctly diagnosed me during the first appointment. She was the only doctor who told me that the injury caused damage to my spine and SI joint. The previous doctors only caught the spine issue, and she said to me that my pain after surgery is coming from my damaged SI ligament. Honestly, I was skeptical about the plasma-rich platelets therapy because I’ve tried so many things, but nothing worked. Oh man, I am happy I did! Because I am now living with very little pain just after 2 treatments. Her treatment plan is truly the only thing that helped my pain after surgery! PRP works, and I am the living proof!
– Jennifer

In my youth I played many sports that as I grew older gave me trouble. Knees, elbows, back, wrists and feet all seemed to have pain and other issues. Dr Stebbing’s treatments allowed me to walk with less pain, kneel again, shovel snow and all manner of picking up and bending over with success and less pain. I will be forever grateful.
– Sylvia
When I was suffering from back spasms, Dr Stebbing was recommended to me by a friend as a skilled and compassionate practitioner. I had no idea she would propose sticking long needles in the muscles of my back in very close proximity to my lungs. As I was desperate for relief, I agreed after I was reassured by her through explanation of the procedure using ultrasound to track the needle position. Dr Stebbing has performed Trigger Point Injections on me several times with good results and relief of pain and every single time I arose from the table with lungs intact and still breathing- a testament to her skill!
– Amy
Jennifer is the best! I would see her for anything. Muscle, joint, back and alignment issues – she is magic. Super caring, patient and super smart. Thank you Jennifer!
– Jay

Hip Pain, Tailbone Injuries, and SI Pain

I was originally diagnosed with a labrum tear in my right hip and told I need surgery. At 57, my primary doctor told me I was too young. After months of pain and not knowing where to turn, I scoured the internet for answers. I discovered Dr. Stebbing.

After trigger point treatments and osteopathic manipulations, along with some great physical therapists that Dr. Stebbing recommended, my hip was finally working.

Then, my left hip started locking up. After an MRI, the diagnosis was chrondromalacia. An orthopedic doctor told me I should never do any weight bearing exercises and limit myself to a pool or exercise bike. He highly recommended a hip replacement.

Again, my primary did not agree. Dr. Stebbing recommended injection treatments. I have now had two treatments done by Dr. Stebbing and could not be happier with the results. I suffered from debilitating pain and could not stand up out of a chair or roll over in bed when trying to sleep. The treatments were amazing! I am back at the gym working into my routines.

The most impressive thing about Dr. Stebbing is the time she takes with her patients and the knowledge she shares. I have never left her office without feeling I had learned something about my body and how things work and that my healing was her number one priority.

In my years of experiences with doctors and I have had my share, multiple surgeries etc. I can honestly say Dr Stebbing is one of the best doctors out there!
– Elizabeth

In October 2016, at the age of 37, I found out that I had a congenital cam lesion on the head of my right femur, along with a bone spur and osteoarthritis in the hip joint. My physical activity came to a screeching halt from the pain that I was experiencing. I was an avid runner and felt lost without the physical activity. I had trouble lifting my leg to get into the car, and putting on socks and shoes were incredibly frustrating. Conventional orthopedic doctors that I saw, suggested cortisone shots and physical therapy as the solution. Beyond that, I was told to wait until I was in so much pain that I couldn’t take it anymore, and get a hip replacement.

I knew there had to be other options. That’s when I came across Regenexx and Dr. Jonathan Fenton. He recommended additional consultation with Dr. Jennifer Stebbing. These doctors gave me hope that I could have a good quality of life without surgery. Through the use of multiple different injection techniques, I have been able to resume my physical activity. I now enjoy multi-day hikes in the White Mountains, downhill skiing, and getting into my car without pain.

When I do encounter muscle imbalances and tightness, Dr. Stebbing gets me back on track quickly. She is intuitive and gifted in her understanding of body mechanics. Her approach to healing and correcting issues is second to none and I have not met another doctor who seeks out solutions like she does. She has improved my quality of life. Dr. Stebbing has taught me along the way how my body works and what I need to do to keep it working right. If you’re looking for a treatment for the cause and not just the symptoms I highly recommend seeing Dr. Stebbing.
– Christi

If you want a quick fix, go here.

But beware….

After my second child I journeyed through the entire Seacoast of doctors trying to find out what was wrong with me. As an athlete it seemed nothing worked properly anymore. Some doctors treated me symptomatically and others just sent me away concluding that nothing was wrong with me. Finally my PC suggested Dr. Stebbing. I can’t remember what reason she gave me for specifically going to see her, but I made an appointment.

During my first appointment Dr. Stebbing listened and typed, which most people (doctors especially) cannot achieve at the same time. After a couple of hours together Dr. Stebbing and I had a plan. Together we made a plan. I hypothesized as much as she did in that first meeting. At my second appointment Dr. Stebbing performed dry needling on my glute and SI areas. It was incredible relief.

Dr. Stebbing often remarked at my ability to communicate the nuances of my own muscles. She respected that I knew my body the very best of anyone and that she was there as a partner to help me. She displays very little ego, which helps her be a superb doctor, not just a smart one.

We had many appointments together over the past five years. Since breaking my coccyx during childbirth, Dr. Stebbing helped improve the functionality in my hips. More importantly Dr. Stebbing gave me the time to process my thoughts regarding my body, which in turn helped me heal mentally from the dramatic changes after childbirth.

So if you are looking for a quick fix, see Dr. Stebbing. But beware, because she may be the catalyst that unearths a powerful force in your own wellness journey. And you may even make a friend along the way.
– Natasha

Shoulder Pain & Injuries

I called dr Stebbings originally for my frozen shoulder. The pain is gone after the injections and now i am working on getting more range of movement. Dr STEBBING has also worked on an old injury in my ankle, hip and other shoulder. She is very experienced, kind, knowledgeable and intuitive. I really think she does a great job!
– Becky C.
First, I will explain that I have had prolotherapy in several joints in my body to repair old injuries, so I already knew about the magic of prolo. I first injured my shoulder 4 years ago. A rowing machine pushed it over the edge. Previous prolotherapy improved it, but I realized that it might need PRP to get it all the way back. A friend from the local area recommended Dr. Stebbing, whom I had not heard of. He had seen her for his problem, and explained that she used ultrasound to examine the problem areas, which sounded very cool. After putting it off for some months, I finally made an appointment. I ended up having PRP and several prolo sessions in the shoulder. She also did some trigger point therapy which had a surprisingly beneficial impact. At this point, I can do pull ups with virtually no discomfort. My injured shoulder is much improved. With more exercise and possibly one more prolo session, I expect it will be fine. Dr. Stebbing is clearly experienced and capable, and you can tell that she really cares about her patients. She is super!
– Larry

Knee Injuries, Hamstring Tear, and Leg Pain

I went to see the doc because of issues that I’m having with my knee, and surgery is an option I would rather not consider. Doctor Stebbing was very inviting and educated me during the entire process of the the exam. I really like how she was thorough about explaining what the benefits of each treatment option would be in both the short and long term. Now I can make the best treatment decision given my current financial situation. Thank you Dr Stebbing!

-Michael P.

I’m over 50 and active. Over the years I have had my share of injuries that Dr. Stebbing has helped me through with a variety of treatments. Nothing could have ever prepared me for a tear in my hamstring after a friendly game of kickball.

Dr. Stebbing hand-held me through the entire medical process to assess the extent of my injury and presented me with treatment options. Faced with the choice of surgery, or a non-surgical approach, choosing the alternative non-surgical approach was scary. Dr. Stebbing’s guidance, expertise and patience explaining each step of the procedure and what the recovery would look like gave me the confidence that this was the right plan. After two treatments and physical therapy, I am back in action. I know that my recovery would not have been as successful, or fast, if it had not been for Dr. Stebbing’s knowledge and capabilities.
– AB

I was so frustrated after seeing so many doctors who would only present surgery as an option without even helping to understand or diagnose my specific injury. Dr. Stebbing used her extensive knowledge to come up with a strategy and treatment plan that was customized to me and my specific situation. I was able to heal multiple sports injuries to my hip and knee using ultrasound guided injection therapy. I never thought I could return to my sports activities but Dr. Stebbing was incredible and I am so grateful for her help.
– Luc

I met Dr Jen on my one year anniversary of a downhill ski accident that left me basically confined to crutches and a wheelchair, even after 6 surgical procedures and over 140 physical therapy visits during the previous year. The original surgeon said I would be skiing within a year and here I wasn’t even walking. Outside of the fracture healing, there wasn’t any improvement in my leg function. I felt hopeless and was seriously considering amputation as a way of having some sort of semblance of a life.

Dr. Jen immediately recognized from a picture of an x-ray on my phone that I had dislocated my knee, in addition to the tibial plateau fracture. What?!?!? None of the other doctors that I had seen throughout the year had diagnosed this. She explained that the dislocation would have left my ligaments stretched and my leg unstable. She continued on to do a thorough examine, using ultrasound in addition to the physical examine. The examination lasted well over an hour, with explanations along the way, unlike the 5-10 minutes exams that many of the orthopedic surgeons would do. She offered a treatment plan that included the use of PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections. She said upfront that this would help progress me along my journey of recovery, but it would not solve all of my problems, and that due to the severity of my injury, I would require more than one treatment.

Over the course of the next several months, I received PRP injections and within a month of each treatment, I saw substantial improvement. My despair started to dissipate. Eventually when I had reached a plateau with the PRP, Dr Jen utilized her extensive regenerative medicine network to find the appropriate doctor for me and she helped me navigate the next steps that were right for me, acting as a sounding board and helping me evaluate options. At the time of this writing, I am not done on my road to recovery, but I am thrilled that about 18 months after meeting Dr Jen, I was able to hike a mountain in NH with my young daughter – a feat I only dreamed of during the past 2.5 years. What is amazing too is that the day before I met Dr Jen, one of the surgeons told me that I needed yet another surgery, which did not feel right in my gut. On top of that, he said that PRP did not work. I think he needs to see me now and how far I came, without a surgery (which I am sure would not have progressed me).

It’s true that some PRPs might not work but that’s because not all PRPs are created equal. I know doctors that I respect, who perform PRPs, but they do not use ultrasound to guide where to inject. They just guess. They also then stay more superficial. Many doctors are jumping on the bandwagon of PRPs and regenerative medicine, but go with one that knows their stuff and actively participates in Regenerative, now known as Orthobiologic Medicine conferences. It is not worth it to go with anyone less than the best.

In conclusion, Dr Jen’s qualities include (but are not limited to):

  • her thoroughness and taking the time to understand the problem,
  • her attention to detail,
  • her listening skills,
  • her honesty and willingness to be upfront,
  • her knowledge of the workings of the musculoskeletal system and sports medicine,
  • her preciseness with the injections,
  • her network of other experts in the regenerative medicine field, and
  • her own active life so that she knows what it is like to live a full life.

I am so thankful that I found Dr Jen. She was my saving grace (and the saving grace of a few friends that I had also recommended her to).
– Jill

For a few months I could not walk, stand, or lie down without severe pain in my left hip as well as all the way down my left leg. Sitting was my only position of comfort and use of a wheelchair or a walker was the only way I could move around without pain. This condition came on suddenly and lasted for months. I was not excited to use drugs that would just temporarily relieve the pain. My primary-care physician recommended that, in addition to PT (which was essential but alone did not eliminate the pain), I made an appointment with Dr Jennifer Stebbing, who, she said, was doing some interesting work that might be helpful. I finally followed her advice and good advice it was!

Dr Stebbing was, indeed, helpful!! Some immediate relief of pain came from her release of trigger points that had developed in my left thigh and leg. That relief was most welcome, but I knew it was temporary until the cause of those trigger points was resolved. Then came the real magic!! After examining multiple images of my spine and hip, Dr Stebbing pinpointed signs of degeneration and weakness in a number of ligaments, tendons, and muscles that support my spine as well as some in the hip. Degeneration sounded pretty hopeless to me, but I had not heard of orthobiologic treatment. She told me it was possible to improve many degenerative conditions using injection techniques, in the area of weakened ligaments and tendons. Like most, I am not fond of injections but felt the procedures were well worth a try if they worked and put an end the pain I had been experiencing. IT WORKED!! After two treaments, the pain disappeared completely for a full week followed by some minor discomfort off and on after that week. A final treatment in the same area around the lumbar region of my spine was done and since that treatment I have had NO MORE PAIN and no return of trigger points.

It is now well over a month after that final treatment; I have had no more treatments, and all of the pain is still gone! I can again walk without pain and unassisted (the wheelchair and walker are in storage). The focus of the approach was to encourage healing and repair of the tissues that were causing the pain (in conjunction with exercises from PT to strengthen my core). Amazing and very exciting to me!! No drugs, no surgery with replacement parts—the injections encouraged healing and repair of my own tissues.

Oh yes, did I mention that I was almost 86 years old when I had this done? Thus, this seems to be a procedure that can help some of us in our later years and is not only for the young or for active athletes. I am delighted that I found Dr Stebbing and that I learned about these injection treatments. I would consider this again for the same structures, if needed, or for any other degenerative tissues in my body that hinder my ability to live an active yet pain free life and for which this procedure ahs been helpful! Thanks to Dr Stebbing and her staff and to those who have enveloped and continue to develop this area of medicine.
– Peg

Ankle & Foot Injuries

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a problem with what my mom called ‘weak ankles’ and I wore ‘special shoes.’ Despite this I was active; played sports, cheerleading, dancing, aerobic exercise and daily jogging all the while not wearing those ugly ‘special shoes’ and impacting already compromised parts of my body beyond those ‘weak ankles.’ By my late 30’s I switched to power walking because I began experiencing what I thought were shin splints. A few years later a large lump developed at the bottom of my right leg just where the top of my foot bends at the ankle. An ultrasound showed what looked like a cyst sitting on top of the sapheneous vein. RX was to get off my feet and rest. Over the years pain and or swelling became chronic. I also started to have lower back and neck soreness and visiting a physical therapist was becoming a yearly event. I continued to be very active in spite of aches and pains that seemed to haunt me almost daily. The worse of my complaints was the right ankle which was rolling inward more. Multiple diagnoses were made from arthritis to taleus slip. At one point I was in a soft cast because of what was thought to be a hairline fracture. This complete immobilization seemed to work for about 3 weeks then pain and swelling returned. I had a drawer full of orthotics that did not work. As the pain got worse, it began interfering with daily activity. I was very discouraged. The doctors just didn’t have any answers.

Then I was referred to Dr. Stebbing. I was told by my PCP, Dr Jen thought differently: Give her a try. She impressed me with her level of understanding, care and ability to explain in detail what was wrong. She patiently showed me how the ‘weak ankle’ was affecting my whole body. She was confident she could help me. She did not just prescribe another pair of orthotics or send me to a physical therapist. She knew I had to have that pain go away. She explained and suggested prolotherapy. I must admit this new treatment seemed a little like voodoo. I had to go home to think about it. I did my own research and found it was well practiced in Europe and many U.S. athletes were traveling there for the help they could not get in the states. Still I hesitated. Not covered by insurance further complicated my decision.

Over the next few weeks pain progressed to where the only way I could put any weight on my right foot was to walk on my toes as if I were wearing high heels on one foot. On a scale of 1 – 10, the pain was in the upper ranges; some days as high as 9 with sharp stabbing that bought me to my knees (10). In early 2012 I called Dr. Jen and made my first appointment for Prolotherapy. With the help of my husband, I limped into her office. He’ll tell you he carried me in. The relief from treatment was immediate and long lasting. Since then, I’ve returned for successful treatment of 3rd stage ankle sprain, knee and hand injuries all due to a bad fall in 2014. Tomorrow I undergo my first PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment of these injuries. I have all the confidence it will be successful.

Dr. Jen is knowledgeable, patient and thorough in her approach.

Bottom line? She is amazing!
– Connie

Whiplash/Car Accident Injuries 

I found Dr. Stebbing after several years of chronic suffering from a severe and unconventional whiplash accident. I saw many doctors across many disciplines and found they generally fell into two categories: 1. overly rigid thinkers wrapped too tightly in the dogmas of their disciplines or specialties: 2. traffic directors overvaluing volume of patients over individual patient needs. Dr. Stebbing is neither. Dr. Stebbing is a problem solver. She understood my case as unusual and embraced the challenge.
– James

Dr. Stebbing is very knowledgeable. She will take her time to explain your issues and give you a step by step plan to create the best outcome. She is very caring and patient focused. I have a long history of spinal and joint injuries including a lumbar spinal fusion, a torn MCL, and a very aggressive whiplash. I have had a prolo and my first PRP. I definitely see the results, especially in the reduction of my neck pain. I trust Dr Stebbing completely and would recommend her to anyone.
– DM

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