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First, I will explain that I have had prolotherapy in several joints in my body to repair old injuries, so I already knew about the magic of prolo. I first injured my shoulder 4 years ago. A rowing machine pushed it over the edge. Previous prolotherapy improved it, but I realized that it might need … Continue reading Magic of Prolo

Magic of Prolo

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a problem with what my mom called ‘weak ankles’ and I wore ‘special shoes.’  Despite this I was active; played sports, cheerleading, dancing, aerobic exercise and daily jogging all the while not wearing those ugly ‘special shoes’ and impacting already compromised parts of my body beyond those ‘weak … Continue reading Weak Ankles

Weak Ankles

I met Dr Jen on my one year anniversary of a downhill ski accident that left me basically confined to crutches and a wheelchair, even after 6 surgical procedures and over 140 physical therapy visits during the previous year. The original surgeon said I would be skiing within a year and here I wasn’t even … Continue reading From Hopeless to Hiking

From Hopeless to Hiking

For a few months I could not walk, stand, or lie down without severe pain in my left hip as well as all the way down my left leg.  Sitting was my only position of comfort and use of a wheelchair or a walker was the only way I could move around without pain.  This … Continue reading From Walker to Walking

From Walker to Walking

I was originally diagnosed with a labrum tear in my right hip and told I need surgery.  At 57, my primary doctor told me I was too young.  After months of pain and not knowing where to turn, I scoured the internet for answers.  I discovered that many had success with PRP treatments and found … Continue reading Labral Tear Beware

Labral Tear Beware

In October 2016, at the age of 37, I found out that I had a congenital cam lesion on the head of my right femur, along with a bone spur and osteoarthritis in the hip joint. My physical activity came to a screeching halt from the pain that I was experiencing. I was an avid … Continue reading Working With What You’ve Got – Cam Lesions

Working With What You’ve Got – Cam Lesions

I first met Dr. Stebbing in my search for knee pain relief. We worked together on my options – the depth of knowledge she had was incredible and she patiently worked through every question I had. As our time progressed she began helping me understand other areas of pain and found the origins – something … Continue reading What?? An ACL Can be Fixed!

What?? An ACL Can be Fixed!

Dr. Stebbing put me back on my feet, quite literally, pinpointing problems missed by 4 doctors, 3 surgeries, and years of Physical Therapy. I am eternally grateful. – Dawn

Back on My Feet!

Dr. Stebbing is one of a kind.  Having participated in sports growing up and continuing an active life as an adult, I’ve had to visit many sports medicine doctors.  None of them have given the same level of thoughtful consideration, care and treatment that Dr. Stebbing has given to me.   My only regret is that … Continue reading One of a Kind

One of a Kind

Jennifer is the best! I would see her for anything. Muscle, joint, back and alignment issues – she is magic. Super caring, patient and super smart. Thank you Jennifer! – Jay

She is Magic

In my youth I played many sports that as I grew older gave me trouble.  Knees, elbows, back, wrists and feet all seemed to have pain and other issues.  Dr Stebbing’s treatments allowed me to walk with less pain, kneel again, shovel snow and all manner of picking up and bending over with success and … Continue reading Less Pain

Less Pain

Dr. Stebbing is one of the kindest, best listening and knowledgeable injury and chronic pain physician I have had the pleasure of working with. Highly recommend Dr. Stebbing if you are looking to safe alternatives to drugs or surgery. You won’t be disappointed. – JR

Kind, Best Listening, and Knowledgeable

If you want a quick fix, go here. But beware…. After my second child I journeyed through the entire NH Seacoast of doctors trying to find out what was wrong with me. As an athlete it seemed nothing worked properly anymore. Some doctors treated me symptomatically and others just sent me away concluding that nothing … Continue reading After Childbirth

After Childbirth

When I was suffering from back spasms, Dr Stebbing was recommended to me by a friend, as skilled and compassionate practitioner.  I had no idea she would propose sticking long needles into the muscles of my back in very close proximity to my lungs.  As I was desperate for relief, I agreed, after I was … Continue reading Avoiding the Lungs

Avoiding the Lungs

I was so frustrated after seeing so many doctors who would only present surgery as an option without even helping to understand or diagnose my specific injury. Dr. Stebbing used her extensive knowledge to come up with a strategy and treatment plan that was customized to me and my specific situation. I was able to … Continue reading No Surgery

No Surgery
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