Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a problem with what my mom called ‘weak ankles’ and I wore ‘special shoes.’  Despite this I was active; played sports, cheerleading, dancing, aerobic exercise and daily jogging all the while not wearing those ugly ‘special shoes’ and impacting already compromised parts of my body beyond those ‘weak ankles.’  By my late 30’s I switched to power walking because I began experiencing what I thought were shin splints. A few years later a large lump developed at the bottom of my right leg just where the top of my foot bends at the ankle.  An ultrasound showed what looked like a cyst sitting on top of the sapheneous vein.  RX was to get off my feet and rest.  Over the years pain and or swelling became chronic.  I also started to have lower back and neck soreness and visiting a physical therapist was becoming a yearly event.  I continued to be very active in spite of aches and pains that seemed to haunt me almost daily.  The worse of my complaints was the right ankle which was rolling inward more.  Multiple diagnoses were made from arthritis to taleus slip.  At one point I was in a soft cast because of what was thought to be a hairline fracture.  This complete immobilization seemed to work for about 3 weeks then pain and swelling returned. I had a drawer full of orthotics that did not work. As the pain got worse, it began interfering with daily activity.  I was very discouraged.  The doctors just didn’t have any answers.

Then a referral to Dr. Stebbing. I was told by my PCP,  Dr Jen thought differently: Give her a try.  She impressed me with her level of understanding, care and ability to explain in detail what was wrong.  She patiently showed me how the ‘weak ankle’ was affecting my whole body.  She was confident she could help me.  She did not just prescribe another pair of orthotics or send me to a physical therapist.  She knew I had to have that pain go away.  She explained and suggested prolotherapy. I must admit this new treatment seemed a little like voodoo. I had to go home to think about it.  I did my own research and found it was well practiced in Europe and many U.S. athletes were traveling there for the help they could not get in the states.  Still I hesitated.  Not covered by insurance further complicated my decision.

Over the next few weeks pain progressed to where the only way I could put any weight on my right foot was to walk on my toes as if I were wearing high heels on one foot.  On a scale of 1 – 10, the pain was in the upper ranges; some days as high as 9 with sharp stabbing that bought me to my knees (10). 

In early 2012  I called Dr. Jen and made my first appointment for Prolotherapy.  With the help of my husband, I limped into her office.  He’ll tell you he carried me in.  The relief from treatment she liked to call ‘sugar coating’ was immediate and long lasting.  Since then, I’ve returned for successful treatment of 3rd stage ankle sprain, knee and hand injuries all due to a bad fall in 2014.  

Tomorrow I undergo my first PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment of these injuries.  I have all the confidence it will be successful.  

Dr. Jen is knowledgeable, patient and thorough in her approach.  Bottom line?  She is amazing! 


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