I was originally diagnosed with a labrum tear in my right hip and told I need surgery.  At 57, my primary doctor told me I was too young.  After months of pain and not knowing where to turn, I scoured the internet for answers.  I discovered that many had success with PRP treatments and found Dr. Stebbing.

After trigger point treatments and osteopathic manipulations, along with some great physical therapists that Dr. Stebbing recommended, my hip was finally working.

Then, my left hip started locking up.  After an MRI, the diagnosis was chrondromalacia.  An orthopedic doctor told me I should never do any weight bearing exercises and limit myself to a pool or exercise bike.  He highly recommended a hip replacement.

Again, my primary did not agree.  Dr. Stebbing recommended PRP treatments.  I have now had two treatments done by Dr. Stebbing and could not be happier with the results. I suffered from debilitating pain and could not stand up out of a chair or roll over in bed when trying to sleep.  The treatments were amazing!  I am back at the gym working into my routines.

The most impressive thing about Dr. Stebbing is the time she takes with her patients and the knowledge she shares.  I have never left her office without feeling I had learned something about my body and how things work and that my healing was her number one priority.

In my years of experiences with doctors and I have had my share, multiple surgeries etc. I can honestly say Dr Stebbing is one of the best doctors out there!

– E

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