For a few months I could not walk, stand, or lie down without severe pain in my left hip as well as all the way down my left leg.  Sitting was my only position of comfort and use of a wheelchair or a walker was the only way I could move around without pain.  This condition came on suddenly and lasted for months.  I was not excited to use drugs that would just temporarily relieve the pain.  My primary-care physician recommended that, in addition to PT (which was essential but alone did not eliminate the pain), I made an appointment with Dr Jennifer Stebbing, who, she said, was doing some interesting work that might be helpful.  I finally followed her advice and good advice it was!

Dr Stebbing was, indeed, helpful!! Some immediate relief of pain came from her release of trigger points that had developed in my left thigh and leg.  That relief was most welcome, but I knew it was temporary until the cause of those trigger points was resolved.  Then came the real magic!!  After examining multiple images of my spine and hip, Dr Stebbing pinpointed signs of degeneration and weakness in a number of ligaments, tendons, and muscles that support my spine as well as some in the hip.  Degeneration sounded pretty hopeless to me, but I had not heard of Regenerative Therapies.  

She told me it was possible to improve many degenerative conditions using prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP), both of which involved injections in the area of weakened ligaments and tendons.  Like most, I am not fond of injections but felt the procedures were well worth a try if they worked and put an end the pain I had been experiencing.  

IT WORKED!! First I had prolotherapy in the hip region that lead to reduction in pain in that area.  A few weeks later, I had prolotherapy injections near the lumbar region of my spine.  Following this latter procedure, the pain disappeared completely for a full week followed by some minor discomfort off and on after that week.  Finally, I had a PRP treatment in the same area around the lumbar region of my spine and since that treatment I have had NO MORE PAIN and no return of trigger points.

It is now well over a month after that final treatment; I have had no more treatments, and all of the pain is still gone! I can again walk without pain and unassisted (the wheelchair and walker are in storage).  The focus of the approach was to regenerate tissues that were causing the pain (in conjunction with exercises from PT to strengthen my core).  Amazing and very exciting to me!! No drugs, no surgery with replacement parts—just regeneration of my own tissues.

Oh yes, did I mention that I was almost 86 years old when I had this done?  Thus, this seems to be a procedure that can help some of us in our later years and is not only for the young or for active athletes. 

I am delighted that I found Dr Stebbing and that I learned about Regenerative Therapies.  I would consider this again for the same structures, if needed, or for any other degenerative tissues in my body that hinder my ability to live an active yet pain free life and for which this procedure has been helpful! Thanks to Dr Stebbing and her staff and to those who have enveloped and continue to develop such Regenerative Techniques.

– Peg

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