If you want a quick fix, go here. But beware….

After my second child I journeyed through the entire NH Seacoast of doctors trying to find out what was wrong with me. As an athlete it seemed nothing worked properly anymore. Some doctors treated me symptomatically and others just sent me away concluding that nothing was wrong with me. Finally my PC suggested Dr. Stebbing. I can’t remember what reason she gave me for specifically going to see her, but I made an appointment.

During my first appointment Dr. Stebbing listened and typed, which most people (doctors especially) cannot achieve at the same time. After a couple of hours together Dr. Stebbing and I had a plan. Together we made a plan. I hypothesized as much as she did in that first meeting. At my second appointment Dr. Stebbing performed dry needling on my glute and SI areas. It was incredible relief.

Dr. Stebbing often remarked at my ability to communicate the nuances of my own muscles. She respected that I knew my body the very best of anyone and that she was there as a partner to help me. She displays very little ego, which helps her be a superb doctor, not just a smart one.

We had many appointments together over the past five years. Since breaking my coccyx during childbirth, Dr. Stebbing helped improve the functionality in my hips. More importantly Dr. Stebbing gave me the time to process my thoughts regarding my body, which in turn helped me heal mentally from the dramatic changes after childbirth.

So if you are looking for a quick fix, see Dr. Stebbing. But beware, because she may be the catalyst that unearths a powerful force in your own wellness journey. And you may even make a friend along the way.


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