Osteopathic Manipulation

Osteopathic manipulation can correct musculoskeletal dysfunction arising from injury and/or alterations in normal posture. 

About Osteopathic Manipulation

As an Osteopathic Sports Medicine physician, Dr. Stebbing uses her hands to both diagnose and treat patients. Many times, subtle changes that occur in the soft tissue (skin, fascia and muscles) or in joint alignment aren’t detected by standard testing, and can be missed. Osteopathic manipulation can correct musculoskeletal dysfunction arising from injury and/or alterations in normal posture. Dr. Jennifer Stebbing DO, in her business Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine in Vancouver, WA uses her hands to diagnose and treat pain, tightness and limitations in motion in virtually any joint or area of the body. Everyone can benefit from Osteopathic Manipulation as part of the treatment plan that can get them moving again. Please call the office or book an appointment online today.

What is osteopathic medicine?

Osteopathic manipulation was founded in the late 1800’s by AJ Still, a physician with the then-radical idea that the body was an interrelated system. He noticed reproducible musculoskeletal changes occurring with certain disease processes, and created a hands-on method of diagnosis and treatment. Over the years, many evidence-based techniques have been developed, all stemming from Dr. Still’s initial observations.

Dr. Stebbing uses osteopathic treatments, including craniosacral therapy, muscle energy techniques, facilitated positional release, and balanced ligamentous tension to help align the spine, improve joint position and normalize body mechanics.

What conditions can osteopathic medicine address?

Osteopathic Medicine is based on the premise that the body is fully integrated, rather than a collection of independent organ systems. This means that change or injury in one part of the body is likely to cause a ripple effect impacting other parts of the body. It is through the nervous and fascial system that changes in the musculoskeletal system occur.

The musculoskeletal system can be evaluated by observing postural changes and asymmetry during movement, and by palpating or touching the patient. The treatment for musculoskeletal dysfunction can vary tremendously from one patient to another. There are techniques, for example, to mobilize a joint back to its normal position, relax a muscle, stretch an area, and relieve tightness, all improving the patient’s sense of wellbeing.

Osteopathic manipulation can be used to treat pain, tightness, stiffness, and loss of range of motion in just about any joint or area of the body. Examples include ankle sprain, headaches, back pain (especially after working), rib dysfunction (which can cause difficulty with breathing), and neck stiffness after sleeping in an awkward position.

What is the benefit of osteopathic manipulation?

Osteopathic manipulation can help patients avoid drugs or surgery. You can also pair it with other treatments, such prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate to enhance healing and repair of injured tissues.

True to her Osteopathic roots, Dr Stebbing gives you access to holistic, hands on, personalized health care that is comprehensive and detailed, to better your health while recovering from injury.

Come get your injuries addressed by Dr. Jennifer Stebbing DO. Call or book your appointment online today.

Osteopathic Manipulation For Hip Pain

I was originally diagnosed with a labrum tear in my right hip and told I need surgery. At 57, my primary doctor told me I was too young. After months of pain and not knowing where to turn, I scoured the internet for answers. I discovered Dr. Stebbing.

After trigger point treatments and osteopathic manipulations, along with some great physical therapists that Dr. Stebbing recommended, my hip was finally working.

Then, my left hip started locking up. After an MRI, the diagnosis was chrondromalacia. An orthopedic doctor told me I should never do any weight bearing exercises and limit myself to a pool or exercise bike. He highly recommended a hip replacement.

Again, my primary did not agree. Dr. Stebbing recommended injection treatments. I have now had two treatments done by Dr. Stebbing and could not be happier with the results. I suffered from debilitating pain and could not stand up out of a chair or roll over in bed when trying to sleep. The treatments were amazing! I am back at the gym working into my routines.

The most impressive thing about Dr. Stebbing is the time she takes with her patients and the knowledge she shares. I have never left her office without feeling I had learned something about my body and how things work and that my healing was her number one priority.

In my years of experiences with doctors and I have had my share, multiple surgeries etc. I can honestly say Dr Stebbing is one of the best doctors out there!
– Elizabeth

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