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Meet Dr. Jennifer Stebbing DO

Dr. Jennifer Stebbing’s Mission is to treat pain and injury by providing a comprehensive evaluation of the musculoskeletal system and creating a personalized plan to promote healing, increase function and decrease pain, allowing full return to sport and life.

Dr Stebbing is Board Certified in Family Practice, Sports Medicine and Hospice & Palliative Care.  Dr Stebbing’s love of learning and genuine desire to help her patients, drives her to seek new options for treatment. She regularly attends conferences that continue to enhance and update her interest in Regenerative Orthopedics, a subspecialty within her Sports Medicine degree. She has professional relationships with physician colleagues across the US, whom she consults with for more difficult cases. The use of Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma using Ultrasound Guidance to treat muscle, tendon injury and joint arthritis are the foundation behind her goal of treating pain.

Dr Stebbing’s additional Board Certification in Hospice & Palliative Care offers a unique perspective. Her patient-centered approach encourages the interchange of ideas and ample time for dialog. She recognizes and values the quality of each patient’s life, desiring to reduce pain and improve function by customizing the treatment for each patients issues.  

She is frequently heard saying “Just because someone doesn’t understand your pain, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”. With this in mind, she seeks for options to treat you. She understands that pain and injury affect different layers of tissue- scars, fascia, muscle, tendon, joint capsule, cartilage and bone.  The soft tissue injury interferes with the biotensegrity of the joint.  This is the concept that is missed by many physicians.   She writes about this in her second book and in one of her blogs.

She is an intuitive problem solver. She believes that our bodies have the innate ability to heal and is open to communication between all members of the treatment team (massage, physical therapy, primary care and other subspecialists, nutritionist, acupuncturist, chiropractors, coaches, etc.) to encourage healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Although surgery may be an option, her treatment is geared toward non-surgical healing.

She is the author of two books.  “I Can Sit Again: Non-Surgical Treatment for Tailbone Pain” was written for patients. She discussed the importance of diet, supplements, hormones, exercise, sleep and mindset for healing.   “Rehabbing the Last 10%: Solutions for Patients Who Have Plateaued During Physical Therapy” was written for physical therapists.   This book is available on Amazon.  It encourages physical therapist to look at X-rays and MRI imaging to help them understand when regenerative medicine (now known as orthobiologics) should be considered.


Undergraduate Eduation, 1990, High Honors
Guilford College, Greensboro NC
Bachelor of Science Biology

Medical Education, 1991-1995
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Internship, 1995-1996
Aurora Presbyterian/St Luke’s HealthONE
Denver, Colorado

Family Medicine Residency, 1996-1998
Aurora Presbyterian/St Luke’s HealthONE
Denver, Colorado


Sports Medicine Fellowship, 2005-2006
Union Hospital
Union, New Jersey

Board Certifications
Family Practice
Sports Medicine
Hospice & Palliative Care

Work Experience

Alley Medical Center – 1998-2001
Rural Full spectrum Family Practice
Berwick, Pennsylvania

Owensville Primary Care – 2001
Indigent Clinic, Family Practice
Owensville, Maryland

Alton Family Practice 2002
Locum tenens Family Practice
Alton, New Hampshire

Families First – 2002-2005
Medical Director, Indigent Family Practice
Portsmouth, New Hampshire


SeaCoast Hospice – 2005-2007
Hospice & Palliative Care Physician
Exeter, New Hampshire

Rockingham VNA & Hospice – 2008, 2009
Hospice & Palliative Care Physician
Exeter, New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire – 2007-2010
Health Services Family Practice, Sports Medicine
Durham, New Hampshire

Coastal Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine – 2006- 2018
Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine – 2018-Present
Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine
Camas: Washington

Post Graduate Education

American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine
Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine training

Ultrasound Training

Hackett Hemwell Patterson Foundation
Prolotherapy Training


American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
Ultrasound Training

Fascia Research Conference
Fascia Injury and Treatment Training

Dr Neal Rouzier
Bio-identical Hormones training

Cellular Medicine Association
O-shot, P-shot training
Vampire Facial training

Best Selling Author

A physician trained in Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine, Dr Jennifer Stebbing DO wrote “I Can Sit Again: Non-Surgical Treatment for Tailbone Pain” as a guide to help patients who have injured themselves navigate thru the complex medical system to find non-surgical solutions to their pain. She is a puzzle master, intuitive listener, and beacon of hope for those who have done “everything” and still aren’t fully functional. She heralds from Camas in southern WA, where she has a physical practice and telemedicine practice.

Dr. Stebbing’s career started as a Family Practioner. She has always embraced her osteopathic roots. She pursued a Sports Medicine Fellowship after eight years of family practice, which provided her with a deep foundation in medicine. During this time, she recognized the inadequacies of treating pain in the insurance based medical model, which offers band aids and treatment options that are not only not curative but may in fact cause more harm. Her exposure to prolotherapy in her Sports Medicine fellowship opened her eyes to a new paradigm for treating pain. She diligently continues to acquire knowledge and skill, providing treatment that is research based. In her book, I Can Sit Again, she reiterates the importance of a comprehensive evaluation, correct diagnosis and complete treatment.  She offers treatment options and the discusses the concepts behind the treatment options, clarifying the process of making decisions to pursue treatment.

Dennis Huberty BSN RN

“This is a testimonial supporting the work of Jennifer Stebbing D.O. Just so you know the writer knows what he’s talking about I’ll supply some history. I’ve worked as a registered nurse since I completed my degree in 1978. My experience includes over 10 years working in all manner of ICUs, over 10 years working in the OR, several years working in an Integrative Medicine Clinic where I learned firsthand how effective prolotherapy and other restorative therapies can be. I also have garnered personal experience from being involved in a variety of motorcycle crashes, car wrecks, mountain bike mishaps, etc. So, as a deliverer and receiver of care, I know what I’m talking about.

Dr. Stebbings’ knowledge of anatomy and body function is second to none. If you were to look at a book on anatomy you’d think that all people are built the same, but they are not. As a consumer of medical care, we rely on the practitioners’ knowledge and experience to correctly diagnose and treat illness and injury. Dr. Stebbing possesses those qualities more than anyone doctor I’ve ever worked with. Her knowledge and skill with her hands allow her to correctly diagnose all manner of injuries and bodily dysfunction. Her capabilities with ultrasonography allow her to see what is not working right, where treatment is needed, and what kind of treatment will do the most good. Her training and extensive experience in a variety of injection-based techniques (ie, prolotherapy, PRP, etc) coupled with her dedication to the best possible outcome for the patient she is working on is exemplary. She is, far and away, the best I have ever seen.
Her choice of practice model further ensures good results for her patients. Being a single practitioner in private practice allows her to provide the care she sees as most beneficial to her patients. Outcomes are not dictated by the billing office or the CEO’s demands for more patients per hour. She will do what is best for THIS patient, right here right now. If a patient comes in with knee pain and a diagnosis of an MCL tear she will treat the MCL tear, but also any and all other associated tissues that show damage or need of repair, so the whole joint will function as normally as possible. And she will counsel her patients to follow up with appropriate physical therapy. All to further ensure the best possible outcome.

Dr. Stebbing knows what she can do and, perhaps more importantly, what she can’t do. If she doesn’t think her treatment will be beneficial, and that another practitioner would be more appropriate, she will say so.
Dr. Stebbings’ rates and fees are very fair, and commensurate with other practitioners in the field. And I think (having seen what happens when injuries or dysfunctions are ignored or put up with until the only possible treatment is surgery) cheap. Most importantly, her treatments work.”

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Dr Stebbing offers diagnostic evaluation and non-surgical treatment options. Treatment options are dependent on the diagnosis and degree of injury.

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