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Osteopathic and Non-Surgical Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine Specialist Serving Vancouver, WA and Clark County, WA!

Non-Surgical Sports Medicine in Vancouver, WA & Clark County, WA!

Dr Stebbing offers diagnostic evaluation and non-surgical treatment options. Treatment options are dependent on the diagnosis and degree of injury.

Hamstring Tear • Sports Injuries

I’m over 50 and active. Over the years I have had my share of injuries that Dr. Stebbing has helped me through with a variety of treatments. Nothing could have ever prepared me for a tear in my hamstring after a friendly game of kickball. Dr. Stebbing hand-held me through the entire medical process to assess the extent of my injury and presented me with treatment options. Faced with the choice of surgery, or a non-surgical approach, choosing the alternative non-surgical approach was scary. Dr. Stebbing’s guidance, expertise and patience explaining each step of the procedure and what the recovery would look like gave me the confidence that this was the right plan. After two treatments and physical therapy, I am back in action. I know that my recovery would not have been as successful, or fast, if it had not been for Dr. Stebbing’s knowledge and capabilities.
– Amy

Areas We Treat

Dr. Stebbing offers diagnostic evaluation and non-surgical treatment options for pain in many different areas.

Upper Body Pain & Injuries

Neck Pain • Shoulder Pain and Injuries • Wrist • Hand • Elbow

Lower Body Pain & Injuries

Mid Back • Lower Back • Hip • SI Joint • Knee • Ankle • Foot

Nerve Pain & Injuries

Neck Pain • Shoulder Pain and Injuries • Wrist • Hand • Elbow

Sexual Dysfunction

Sacroiliac Pain • Pelvic Pain • Female & Male Sexual Dysfunction

Frozen Shoulder • Ankle • Hip Injury

I called Dr Stebbing originally for my frozen shoulder. The pain is gone after the injections and now i am working on getting more range of movement. Dr STEBBING has also worked on an old injury in my ankle, hip and other shoulder. She is very experienced, kind, knowledgeable and intuitive. I really think she does a great job!

Torn Meniscus • Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

After going down several wrong roads to solve my torn meniscus and osteoarthritis knee pain — a chiropractor recommended PRP / prolotherapy. I FINALLY feel I’m going down the right path to regaining an active lifestyle. Dr. Jennifer Stebbing took the time to go over my MRIs and X-rays. So far my treatments have yielded positive results (as evidenced by a followup MRI). I can’t wait to see results of a future MRI. 🙂 🙂 I have hope again.

Knee Pain & Injury

I went to see the doc because of issues that I’m having with my knee, and surgery is an option I would rather not consider. Doctor Stebbing was very inviting and educated me during the entire process of the exam. I really like how she was thorough about explaining what the benefits of each treatment option would be in both the short and long term. Now I can make the best treatment decision given my current financial situation. Thank you Dr Stebbing!

Dr. Jennifer Stebbing DO

Dr. Stebbing is the only independent female Sports Medicine Physician in Camas, WA. She provides regenerative sports medicine in Vancouver, WA, and its nearby cities.

Dr Jennifer Stebbing DO is the leading provider of osteopathic care and comprehensive regenerative sports medicine to athletes and non-athletes alike in Vancouver, Washington. Board Certified in Sports Medicine, Dr Jennifer Stebbing specializes in a number of effective non-surgical treatments that reduce pain and promote healing throughout the body.

Dr Stebbing uses her hands for both diagnosis and treatment, embracing the fine art of osteopathic manipulation that was the foundation of her medical training. Her treatment philosophy stems from her osteopathic roots, to care for the body as an integrated system to treat the entire person rather than single areas/organ systems.

She offers several safe, low-risk, effective treatments for pain, including but not limited to, trigger point release, nerve hydrodissection, prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma injections.

In addition to osteopathic and sports medicine, she also provides aesthetic services and restorative sexual medicine services, using treatments like the O-Shot® and P-Shot® to address issues like urinary incontinence, female sexual dysfunction, lichen sclerosis and erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Jennifer Stebbing DO is committed to helping each patient achieve long-term health and function. If you have injuries that are not healing and you are interested and motivated to get your life back, book an appointment by phone or online today.

Why Choose Us

Dr Stebbing’s core values drive her relationships with patients.



She and her staff pursue open, honest relationships, working to establish trust to ensure the best possible outcome for each patient.



Dr Stebbing is dedicated to providing the optimal treatment options for each patient. With this in mind, she works tirelessly to find complementary providers (physical therapist, naturopathic physicians, exercise specialists, nutritionists, physicians and other healers) to assist with improving nutrition, exercise and mindset while healing. She encourages patients to take ownership of their health.



She thinks outside the box, gathering comprehensive information, thoughtfully problem solving, and actively incorporating new ideas and strategies, all with the aim of optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurances?

Dr Stebbing is contracted with a few insurances (Regence, BC/BS, Cigna, United Health, PacificSource, First Choice Health). Insurances will assist you with your initial consultation and with treatment with Osteopathic Manipulation. Trigger point release and nerve blocks are covered by insurance as well. Most of the other services that she offers to treat injuries are not covered by health insurances. She is not contracted with Medicare because of the many limitations that it imposes and the risks associated with offering treatment that is considered investigational (ie: platelet rich plasma), which has hundreds of studies that have documented its safely and its efficacy. In fact, most people have better outcomes with platelet-rich plasma than steroids, which have shown to encourage degeneration of a joint. Steroids continue to be a covered service despite these studies in all insurances. The paradigm shift in thinking that you need to understand is that healing or repair of damaged tissue with platelet-rich plasma is different than using a bandaid, like a steroid injection.

How long is an initial appointment?

The first appointment takes 60-90 minutes. During this time, we review the history of your injury. Please bring in consults from other physicians, surgical reports, and radiographic studies (both the report and the images on CD).  A physical exam will be performed and if time allows, ultrasound evaluation are done. 

What is the cost for the initial visit?

A self pay patient will be charged a flat fee of $350, which can include US imaging. During this visit there is ample time to dialog and have questions answered. The information that you will receive in this time is a worthy investment considering most physicians spend less than half the time to generate the same revenue. Dr Stebbing’s roots in family practice honors the relationship she has with each individual patient.  She has noticed that the better she knows you and understands your pain, the better she can assist with treatment. 

Are telemedicine visits offered?

Yes, telemedicine visits are offered as the initial appointment for patients who live far away. Telemedicine visits are also offered for follow ups, review of labs, and MRI reports through zoom.

How is treatment determined?

Treatment is determined from the history of the injury/pain that you provide, the physical exam and the radiographic studies. Many times what you describe or the areas that cause pain when touched are more important than the radiographic studies. For instance, there are times when the x-ray or MRI looks bad, but the pain is recent, suggesting that something that is not seen on x-ray or MRI is causing the pain.

What are other things that I can do to prepare for my initial visit?

Besides obtaining previous records and radiographic images, old shoes with a worn wear pattern are helpful to bring to evaluate lower body injuries. Shorts or skirts make it easier to evaluate knees and feet. Sports bras or yoga tops make it easier to evaluate shoulders. If you have a brace that you use, bring that in.

Who is the ideal patient for Dr Stebbing?

Dr Stebbing would like to see patients who are dedicated and invested to reducing their pain and improving their function. Most of these patients already have relationships with naturopathic physicians, physical therapists, and acupuncturist. Her ideal patient values home made food and exercising.  

Patients who have pain and loss of function after a car accident(s) usually have more than one cause of pain. Dr Stebbing usually has a long term relationship with these people, as treatment over time allows the body to heal. 

Dr Stebbing enjoys treating men with ED and women with incontinence, pain with intercourse, or loss of libido.

Athletes who have recurrent injuries, who are looking for non-surgical options to keep them going. 

Ex-athletes who want to play with their grandchildren or participate in exercise for pleasure.

People with have already had surgery, who are looking to avoid other surgical intervention or who continue to have pain after surgery. 

EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome) or other hypermobile individuals who are looking for solutions for their pain. 

People who are looking for a second opinion value knowledge, which Dr Stebbing can provide.

Who does Dr Stebbing work with?

Dr Stebbing works with many private physical therapists in Camas and Vancouver area. She works with pelvic floor physical therapists as well as those trained to rehab and correct biomechanical issues. She has a few massage therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, and acupuncturists that she works with. She values the input from many of the naturopathic physicians in the area.

She also working within the allopathic model, consulting with other physicians (orthopedists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, radiologists, family doctors).

Will Dr Stebbing recommend surgery?

If surgery is an option, Dr Stebbing will let you know that you have surgical options. She may expand upon this if there is treatment that she can provide that will improve your surgical outcome. For instance, if you have a tendinopathy or a partial tendon tear of your glute medius or minimus tendon, she would recommend that the tendon be treated prior to surgery as you will need to rely on this tendon to support your hip after surgery during the rehabilitation period. 

Pain After Surgeries

Dr. Stebbing put me back on my feet, quite literally, pinpointing problems missed by 4 doctors, 3 surgeries, and years of Physical Therapy. I am eternally grateful.


Whiplash Accident • Chronic Pain

I found Dr. Stebbing after several years of chronic suffering from a severe and unconventional whiplash accident. I saw many doctors across many disciplines and found they generally fell into two categories: 1. overly rigid thinkers wrapped too tightly in the dogmas of their disciplines or specialties: 2. traffic directors overvaluing volume of patients over individual patient needs. Dr. Stebbing is neither. Dr. Stebbing is a problem solver. She understood my case as unusual and embraced the challenge.

– James

Hip & Knee Pain • Sports Injuries

I was so frustrated after seeing so many doctors who would only present surgery as an option without even helping to understand or diagnose my specific injury. Dr. Stebbing used her extensive knowledge to come up with a strategy and treatment plan that was customized to me and my specific situation. I was able to heal multiple sports injuries to my hip and knee using ultrasound guided injection therapy. I never thought I could return to my sports activities but Dr. Stebbing was incredible and I am so grateful for her help.

– Luc

Muscle • Joint • Back & Alignment Issues

Jennifer is the best! I would see her for anything. Muscle, joint, back and alignment issues – she is magic. Super caring, patient and super smart. Thank you Jennifer!

– Jay

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